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A Little Drinking Might Lengthen Your Life: Study

But researchers stress too much alcohol can increase risk of early death

A Vicious Vegetarian Dinosaur?

Chilesaurus may be missing link between plant eaters and meat eaters, researchers say

A Violent Environment Can Wreck Kids' Grades

Researchers find link between kids' sleep, stress hormones and academic performance

Could Big Lifestyle Changes Be Key to Managing Type 2 Diabetes?

Study finds lower blood sugar, reduced need for medication

Could Newborn Heart Stem Cells Jump-Start Old Hearts?

Rat study suggests they can, but animal research doesn't always pan out in humans

Date Nights for Overbooked Parents

Make it more than a movie, experts say

Givers Really Are Happier Than Takers

Even small acts of generosity trigger a brain boost, study finds

Health Highlights: Aug. 15, 2017
  • Fleas Test Positive for Plague in Arizona

Health Tip: The Facts About Fat

The good, the bad and the ugly

Heart Risks May Rise After Cancer Diagnosis

Study found heightened odds for dangerous clots that travel throughout body

Lack of Sleep May Raise Child's Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Study

It found link -- but no proof -- between less slumber and risk factors for blood sugar disease

Local Crime Can Put Kids on the Run

Smartphone study finds young avoid their neighborhoods when threat of danger rises

This Common Email Move Could Be a Career Killer

Smiley emoji may be OK once you know someone, but not in an initial contact, study finds

Air Purifiers May Help the Smog-Stressed Heart

Small Chinese study found lower stress hormone levels in those who used indoor air cleaners

'Fat But Fit' a Myth?

Extra weight linked to extra risk, even if blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol all normal

Health Highlights: Aug. 14, 2017
  • Fleas Test Positive for Plague in Arizona

Researchers ID Genes in Mice That Cause Aggressive Brain Cancer

Discovery of triggers that make glioblastoma resistant to chemo offers hope for future treatments, study authors say

Taking a Stand on Staying Mobile After 80

Standing exercises better than sitting ones for preserving walking skills, study finds

Zika Virus Tied to Neurological Woes in Adults

35 infected people were hospitalized with such conditions in Brazil during last year's outbreak

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